Saturday, April 25, 2009

Spring is in the Air

Good morning!

This is a project that I created for a Shoebox Swap that I am going to today! I know some of you are asking what is a Shoebox Swap. A shoebox swap is when you design one card and then you cut the paper for as many people that will be swapping, bring all the products used to create the card in a shoebox or other box. So in my case there will be 20 stampers so I will cut cardstock for 19 stampers (I already made mine!) to create the card that I designed. Everyone else does the same thing, so when I get there the fun starts! I'll have a fun-filled day of stamping and chatting with some new people I have never met while I create 19 cards!

Since I had to create directions for this card, I thought I might pass them on to anyone that is interested. You can view them here.


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