Saturday, January 15, 2011

Thread Spool Card Holder How To

These are some samples of some mini thread spools that I created this past week.  This post is to show you how I created the spool with the card holder. Thread Spool Samples

You’ll need wire, the spool your using and some pliers.  I used Stampin’ Up!’s retired Wire Works 20-guage brass wire. I chose a heavier wire so that it wouldn’t bend easily when What You'll Needinserting the mini card. I kept the wire on the wire spool while wrapping, but if you prefer to have a section of wire, use a piece approximately 5” long.


Step 1


First, wrap the wire around the spool so that you have two complete loops. 



Step 2


Next, take your pliers and bend the wire ends so that they are at right angles (approx) from the spool.


Step 3

Gently remove the wire from the spool so that it stays intact and bring the back loop over the front loop.  This creates a bit of tension so that when you place your mini card between the two loops it is held there.  **Don’t forget this step.**


Using the pliers, twistStep 4 the two ends of the wire together and then bend towards the loop.


 Step 5


Clip the ends of the wires using your craft and paper scissors and squeeze together as necessary so that it will fit into the spool hole. You may need to widen if your spool is larger so watch how much you clip off.

Decorate your spool as desired then dip the end of the wire into some Step 6crystal effects and insert into the spool.  Allow about 3-5 minutes to dry and it is ready to hold your mini project.




Create one or a bunch of them.  A fun way to create words or names sitting on a shelf or mantle!

Enjoy!Naked Thread Spool Holder









  1. Absolutely Brilliant Linda! Thanks for the tutorial....and the cards are really cute too! Love the whole collection. Now I just have to find my collection of empty spools!

  2. How cool.....I knew I would find a reason I've been hoarding all those spools....perfect!!! thanks for the tutorial and love your blog....I could stay here for awhile,LOL!!!
    Happy Stampin' ;)

  3. Thank you for sharing the wonderful ideas. I have some wonderful ladies that I am going to share these with. I certainly will pass your site along. Thank You!!

  4. LOVEloveLOVE these!!! I have a pile of vintage spools hanging around, you have inspired me! These are just wonderful!!!

  5. These are so cute! They'd be fabulous for Mothers' Day - thanks for sharing your tutorial with us!

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